Internet has never been easy to access; with multiple technologies suited for all devices, simple bundles at your disposal and still pay less! There is no reason why you should pay more for Internet!


Now enjoy easy data bundle subscription on your iPad/Tablet using your Zantel phone or using EzynetSelf care on this website.

Using your Zantel line simply enter your iPad/Tablet number and subscribe to any bundle of your choice. You can also choose how to pay for your bundle by either using your Zantel line on your phone or deducting directly from your iPad/Tablet number.

Friends and Family

There are things that money can buy……data bundles being one of them!

Gift data bundles to your family or friends using your Zantel phone line.

Using your Zantel phone line enter number of your family, friend or even yourself and select the bundle you require and its that simple!

Data Bundles

Daily Bundles
Weekly Bundles
Monthly Bundles
Bundle Subscription for Non-ZANTEL customers

*Ezynet (CDMA) does not support bundle accumulation. Please exhaust your current one to renew to new bundle
*Using your Zantel Line, just dial *149*07#, then select your service
*Use EzynetSelf care on this website.
*For Non Zantel customers - SMS Modem number (space)Data Plan(space) Bundle name. Send SMS to 0776300300.
*Please make sure that you are subscribed to a bundle before usage. Usage in our bundles are more affordable.
*Zantel reserves the right to refuse a special offer to any subscriber or group of subscribers.
*The Customer shall to make sure Zantel pack is not opened when buying the modem. Zantel will not be responsible in case modem is sold without data bundle.
Pay as you go tariff is Tsh 90/MB with billing pulse at 100 KB