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    Halikati, a new Zantel bundle feature that allows customer to carry forward minutes and MBs to the new package.

    • Jul 23, 2020 08:25

    Zanzibar. 23rd July 2020. ‘The choice of communication is yours’ that is how you can simply define the new bundle feature unveiled by Zantel dubbed ‘Halikati’ that allows customers to transfer the remaining minutes and data from the old bundle to the new one.   The new bundle feature gives customers more value for their money in all the expenditures and freedom to choose any package from the menu and enjoy unlimitedly, offering more talk time and data.   Speaking when launching the new service, Head of Zantel-Zanzibar, Mr.Mohammed Khamis Mussa said the offer intends to give customers more relief and ability to use remaining voice and data package thus ensuring affordable communications services in the Island.   “Reliable communications services remain to be a key pillar towards development. Halikati service is designed to ensure our customers unlocks all the potentials that comes with communications especially in facilitating their daily activities from tourism, agriculture and fishing without being in short supply of Voice and data MBs to cater those needs,” he said.   The service is one of its kind in the telco market that will remove several customers’ pain points by offering peace of mind as now you do not have to worry whether your bundle will expire before you use it. In addition, it means customers will be in a position to save more money as now they can purchase a new package and get all the remaining minutes and data MBs from previous package.   “There is no need to wait until your package runs out, with this offer you just need to purchase a new package before the current package runs out and you will get all the two bundles with more talk time, data and SMS,” marked the Zantel’s Head of Mobile Business,  Ms. Aneth Muga.   By dialing *149*15# or buy a bundle from MIMINA agents or via Ezypesa, customers will be able to subscribe to any package of their choice and will have access to carry forward the old bundle once subscribe to the new one.

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