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    Zantel Customers to purchase Azam Ferry tickets via Ezypesa

    • Aug 20, 2020 20:12

    It is after the partnership between Zantel and Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries, a move that simplifies the process of booking. Zantel customers will now be able to conveniently purchase ferry tickets via Ezypesa, thanks to the partnership between Zantel and Kilimanjaro fast ferries Ltd.   Arguably, the Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries Ltd is one of the key players in marine transport between Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam with a fleet of four vessels contributing significantly in ensuring reliable transport to passengers both local and international.   Commenting about the partnership, Zantel Head of Marketing and Mobile Money Services Sakyi Opoku said the move would ensure that passengers get their tickets easily by paying through Ezypesa at their convenience promoting a digital lifestyle for our customers in the country thus making their lives easy.   “With Ezypesa we ensure that customers make payments easily and from anywhere they are at any time. Our partnership with Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries gives our customers with flexibility in purchasing tickets while reducing the time and the process of acquiring the tickets,” said             Opoku.   A Zantel customer will call Azam’s toll free number 0800 785 555 to book his travel and he will be given a reference number, then dial the Ezypesa short code of *150*02# and proceed to Payments, enter AZAM business number 777444 then the reference number, then the amount and lastly confirm. Then the customer will receive a notification message for the payment made.   “We believe that this solution will improve how customers experience marine services especially for the local people as now they don’t need to go physically to book for tickets, just with your phone you can be rest assured that your seat is reserved,” he added.   On his side, the Azam Marine Co. Ltd Managing Director, Mr. Abubakar Salim argued that the company has deployed online payments that are applicable globally, which ensure reliable transportation to all with this being an advantage for the local travelers.   “Partnering with Ezypesa has widened our payment portfolio which offers our customers with extreme freedom to purchase tickets wherever they are, at any time without any additional charges,” said Salim.   Passengers who will pay via Ezypesa will collect their tickets at the offices on travelling date by showing message (SMS) as a proof for the payments.

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