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    Customers to conveniently access telco services through the new Wete shop in Pemba.

    • Nov 23, 2020 12:03

    In its quest to ensure reliable communication services to everyone, Zantel has relocated its Wete shop from Wete Sokoni area to Four Ways in Wete, Pemba, a move that allow customers to conveniently access all the telco services under one roof.   The shop will act as the main outlet in Wete supported by a call center having the state-of-the art features like digital number system that ensure timely provision of services.   Speaking during the launch, The Zantel Head of Marketing and Mobile Financial Services, Sakyi Opoku said the shop will reduce a lot of inconveniences encountered by the customers who previously had limited direct access to the company’s customer services.   “The shop is in line with the company’s strategy of expanding and bringing our services closer to customers and ensure easily accessibility of products and services. We have moved our shop to Wete Four ways considering the fact that it is accessible to everyone,” he said.   He noted that the shop is expected to serve more than 100 customers daily providing a full range of Zantel services including Sim Card registration and sim swap, Ezypesa services as well as 4G enabled devices including Smarta phones.   “The shop’s strategic central location makes it easily accessible to residents and visitors. This shop is one of its kind and will make sure that every customer access our services easily and on time,” he said.   The shop is designed to make all the visitors get the best experience through its modern cueing system that gives customers numbers instead of spending much time on the line waiting for service.

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