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    Zantel’s Customers to simply purchase Smarta through small installments, a new service that enables many to own smartphones.

    • Dec 16, 2020 12:09

    Through paying in small instalments starting from one thousand on Ezypesa wallets, Zantel customers can simply be eligible to purchase Smarta phones, thanks to the company’s strategy of ensuring affordable access to smartphones for a more digitally inclusive society.   Launched under the campaign dubbed ‘Haba na Haba Hununua Smarta’ customers will be able to save money in their Ezypesa wallets starting from 1,000/- and shortly after reaching the devices’ price of 39,999/- they will be able to purchase Smarta phones at any Zantel shop.   Speaking while unveiling the service, The Head of Zantel (Zanzibar), Mohammed Mussa stated that as a digital lifestyle company has seen a broad need to create a simple and reliable payment platform that will reduce the burden of paying in cash.   “We understand that not everyone is capable to purchase a smart device through cash that is why we have created a platform where a customer can pay through small installments without destructing their daily basic expenditures,” he said.   The Head of Product and Pricing, Ms. Aneth Muga added that apart from individual savings, customers can also ask for helping hand from friends and family to contribute direct to their Ezypesa saving as a way to help them reach the device’s price of 39,999/-.   “Our quest is to ensure everyone has access to digital World and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it including socialization and business through e-commerce. Through this service we are paving a way for everyone to own a smart device easily than ever before,” she said.   To access the service, Zantel’s customers will dial *149*15# then choose 0 and follow the instructions provided in the menu. Successful customers will purchase Smarta through any Zantel’s shops available across the country.   Smarta is currently the most affordable smart device that is 4G enabled and comes with all smart applications like YouTube, Google, Facebook and WhatsApp enabling even the low incomers to have access to digital lifestyle offered by Zantel in the local market.

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