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    Zantel opens its new Customer Care shop at the new Michenzani Mall

    • Dec 03, 2021 07:36

    The shop will ensure convenience to customers and speed up service delivery In the current World, convenience is a new rule of the thumb in business. Taking that into a consideration, Zantel has today launched its new customer care shop at Michenzani Mall that will offer convenience to its customers in Unguja. The launching event took place yesterday at the Mall graced by the Mjini District Commissioner Mr. Rashid Msaraka. Speaking during the event, the Head of Zantel-Zanzibar, Mr. Mohammed Khamis Mussa said the shop will speed up service delivery to its customer dur to the strategic location as the shop is in downtown. “The shop is convenient to customers because it brings our services closer to them and it offer great experience when they visit the shop. It is also centrally located making it easily accessible to all customers,” he said. The shop becomes the third in Unguja adding up to the two operating in Vuga and Mlandege and the fifth in Zanzibar. The other two are operating in Pemba located in Wete and Chake. The Mjini District Commissioner, Mr. Rashid Msaraka commended Zantel for being a pioneer in ensuring reliable communication services in the Islands. “Reliable communication services are essential in boosting economic activities in this country. Zantel has been a god example in improving communications through construction of infrastructures and other important facilities like this modern shop we are launching today,” he said.     Zantel has been investing heavily in building new infrastructures and upgrading the existing ones with the goal to ensure seamless communication services across the Island. As of 2021, more than 86 percent of the Island was covered by 4G internet presenting a rare chance to many people to tap into the World’s social and economic opportunities. Currently the company has been running a campaign dubbed ‘Pasua Anga Ki Zantel 4G’ that among other things it aimed at educating the mass on the importance of 4G internet for social-economic benefits. “We have seen a positive transformation on how people are using internet for their benefits. Some of them have opened online businesses and others have achieved to add creativity in their works using the support of the internet,” said This launch comes after the opening of the Michenzani Mall, one of its kind in Unguja offering a great opportunity for Zantel and other businesses to bring their services closer to their customers. Picture: The Mjini District Commissioner, Rashid Msaraka cutting a ribbon to officially launch the new Zantel customer care shop located at Michenzani Mall. On the right is the Head of Zantel-Zanzibar, Mr. Mohammed Khamis Mussa and the Head of Sales, Distribution and Customer experience, Mr. Emmanuel Joshua. The shop will help to bring communiaction services closer to customers.

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