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    « Zantel is an AXIAN Telecom’s company. AXIAN Telecom is a pan-African telecommunications services provider operating in eight markets through its subsidiaries in Madagascar, The Comoros, Reunion, Mayotte, Senegal, Togo, Uganda and Tanzania. It operates across three key business segments, providing mobile and fixed networks as well as digital infrastructure and mobile financial services.

    AXIAN Telecom serves around 33 million customers and is a market disruptor, having expanded from being a single market player (Madagascar) until 2015 to eight markets today, through active acquisitions and heavy network investments. We systematically ensure that our activities have a lasting and positive impact on the daily lives of million people »


    Zantel believes in building a culture that makes its team members feel valued by empowering the employees to get the job done. Zantel promotes a culture of team work wherein all employees success and grow by working as a team and helping others. Our success comes from the outstanding people that make up the global team. Many of the tasks we face are more than anyone can do alone, so our future depends on attracting, rewarding and retaining those who demonstrates the highest level of talents.



    Because our business is becoming more and more complex in terms of competition and technology advancement, we're constantly looking for new ways to support, coach and develop our people. Whatever your area, you can expect ongoing learning opportunities that will help you develop your unique abilities to the fullest.

    We hold individual performance management discussions two times a year, with mid-year interim discussions and regular one to ones. These discussions are there to help you and your manager/ supervisor to understand your strengths and development areas, to create your Personal Development Plan and to find learning solutions for you.

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    7 markets

    Zantel serves in 7 markets in Unguja and Pemba, Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Mtwara, Lindi na Pwani.

    150 employees

    Zantel employs more than 150 people country wide.

    7 shops

    Zantel has more than 22 branches in Tanzania.

    22 Coverage Areas

    Zantel has more than 22 regions country wide with 4G+, 3G or 2G networks.