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  • Closed User Group


    Typically businesses have a mixed environment of Postpaid and Prepaid users. Zantel’s closed user group creates a group across these various services and enables unlimited calls 24hours a day within the group free of charge. This enables real collaboration across the various business units whilst maintaining cost predictability.


    • Can be used on prepaid or postpaid
    • Offers unlimited phone calls to facilitate business correspondence within the business
    • Free handsets for members of the CUG provided they qualify with Minimum Recharge
    • Bundled minutes and sms to all networks within Tanzania International voice and data roaming (upon request)
    • Unlimited BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and Blackberry Enterprise Services (BES)
    • Free Handsets.

    key features

    • Typical cost savings between 30% - 40% on mobile communications Pre Pay facilitates cost management and cost predictability for easy budgeting
    • Latest handsets available depending on your monthly spends
    • Promotes communication and collaboration within the organization, particularly across working groups
    • Ease business to business communication costs.
    • Mobilized workforce through BlackBerry BIS Service.
    • Latest handset models.
    • Business Growth, increase productivity and cost benefit.