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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    At Zantel CSR is about how business conducts itself with regards to all its activities which includes operating ethically and fairly in dealing with all stakeholders as well as sustainably impacting the communities in which it operates.

    Our CSR Vision is to create a sustainable economic and social impact through limitless reach.

    Our CSR Mission is to extend the reach of the Tanzanian people by providing socially responsible products and services; enabling sustainable growth through our projects in areas of nurturing Talent, Community Help, Education, Health and building meaningful relationships with our stakeholders through engagement - an indication that with optimism and a caring attitude, we can all surpass boundaries.


    Community Help Programs

      Zantel continues to help the community through its Community Help Program:

    • Zantel donated books worth 10 Million TZ to Zanzibar Library Services (ZLS) in order to promote literacy and make it possible for more library users to access information digitally in the Islands.
    • Zantel adopted a classroom for the visually impaired and donated stationery worth 20 million to Kisiwandui Primary School in Ugunja.