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  • Dedicated Internet Access

    Zantel is the only operator in Tanzania to offer two technologies for wireless broadband services (HSPA+ and CDMA). Each of the two technologies has its own strength and weakness, thus by having these technologies Zantel can offer you the best technology to suit your needs.


    Dedicated Internet Access offers reliable, high speed, low latency internet bandwidth. The technologies used to deliver this service, such as fiber or Microwaveminimise round trip times and support mission critical real-time applications, like online trading, VPN tunnels, and even video conferencing.

    Dedicated Internet Broadband provides you with access to unlimited internet on your premises, it offers businesses a cost effective dedicated guarantee connection to ISP's for enterprises.

    Proven high performance, reliability and cost effectiveness. Predictable network cost based on a simple flat rate tariff. Offers congestion free, secure permanent point to point network connections. Enables media rich internet services including voice and video

    key features

    • Two, independent fibre routes to the internet with full BGP
    • Low latency technologies on both the local loop and upstream
    • No bandwidth over subscription on both local loop and upstream
    • Redundancy on the upstream
    • Self-care offers online, real-time monitoring of the service
    • Basic ISP services such as Domain Hosting, Mail Relay, Proxy, etc

    Key Benefits

    • Supports business critical applications including real-time media like voice and video
    • Reliable Internet access with inherent resilience against failure.