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  • Subscribe to the Coolest Caller Tunes in Zantel DIAL 15098

Discover Tanzania

  • Discover different places in Tanzania with the Discover service form Zantel. Discover Hotels, Restaurants,Transport,National parks and many more DIAL 15582 to Discover your favorite places.

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Listen to your favorite song whenever you make calls, dial 15323 to subscribe. You will be charged only 30 TZS/Day. Get amazing tones to whoever calls you, dial 15098 select 1 to subscribe. You will be charged only 65 TZS/Day.

religious content


Subscribe to Zantel Madrasa and be able to receive Islamic content like Dua, Qaswida, Mawaidha, Hadith,islam teachings and many more Islamic content. To subcribe to this service DIAL 15586 or send the word SUB to 15586.

Zantel Madrasa’ is the first service ever to be launched by a mobile phone network in Tanzania in teaching religion and linking people to learn religion across the country. The service provides an opportunity to all Muslims to be linked through a specific service code across Zantel Network, thus allowing millions of mobile subscribers/users to access Madrasa teachings on a daily basis.A Zantel network user interested in using the service will be required to dial or send a message to number 15586 and then follow instructions given in order to be connected and enjoy the service.

Subscription charges are 250 Tsh per week.

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Discover Tanzania is a Zantel product that provides a customer a chance to get information on Tanzania tourist areas by dialing 15582.

Discover Tanzania right at your fingertips for Transportation, Hotels, Hospital, Entertainment and much more. Zantel is the only Network to give you all this for you to Discover and more .

To get all these information about where and what you want to discover, have your Zantel Simcard and dial 15582 follow the instructions of what you want to Discover.