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  • The following Terms and Conditions are incorporated into and form part of any agreement by which Zanzibar Telecom Public Limited Company (Zantel PLC) agrees to provide an EzyPesa account to a person applying to become an account holder. Such an Agreement is created when an application for the issue of an EzyPesa account is accepted by Zantel.

    Ezypesa subscriber Responsibilities

    • Have a valid and duly registered SIM card, issued under the provisions of regulations on KYC and other laws and regulations as amended from time to time related to SIM-CARD registration in the United Republic of Tanzania.
    • Notify Zantel immediately upon theft or loss of SIM Card.
    • Promptly report to Zantel any suspicion of money laundering activities.
    • Promptly report to Zantel on the discovery of any theft, fraud, loss, unauthorized usage or any other occurrence of unlawful activities in respect to your EzyPesa account.
    • Be responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the EzyPesa password.

    Zantel Responsibilities

    • Zantel will immediately block a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed SIM Card restricting access to EzyPesa account on receipt of notification from the Customer.
    • Without notice or consent from the customer, Zantel shall immediately block any EzyPesa Account when the customer/user enters a wrong password or wrong information for more than three times while accessing EzyPesa account.
    • Any blocked EzyPesa account will be un-blocked after 48 hours.
    • Zantel shall not be liable for any loss that is occasioned by an unauthorized sharing of the password.
    • Zantel will immediately report to the responsible authority any suspicious activities relating to money laundering.
    Application for an EzyPesa Account
    Delivery of the Ezypesa PIN
    Cash Withdraw
    Use of Ezypesa Service
      • “Account” means a Customer’s EzyPesa account being the record maintained by Zantel of the amount of Electronic Units held by the customers and represented by an equivalent amount of cash held by Zantel in the Trust Account at the Bank on the customer’s behalf.

      • “Active” means, in relation to a SIM Card, that services for which it enabled are conducted through it on a regular basis.

      • “Agreement” means this agreement that contains the terms of use together with the registration Form.

      • “Application Form” means the EzyPesa’s form of application for a EzyPesa account to be completed and signed by an applicant who desires to obtain a EzyPesa account and which when accepted by Zantel will constitute an agreement for the issue and use of the EzyPesa services therein specified which shall incorporate and be subjected to these Terms and Conditions.

      • “EzyPesa” means the trade name owned by Zantel to provide Mobile Banking Services.

      • “EzyPesa Account” means the account opened and maintained by EzyPesa for entering all EzyPesa Transactions made by the account holder and for debiting all Charges and crediting any amounts actually received in relation to the EzyPesa under these Terms and Conditions.

      • “EzyPesa account Balance” means credit available to be used by the account holder at any time, after deduction of all Charges incurred from such amounts as may have been loaded onto the EzyPesa.

      • “Account Holder” means a person who is issued with an EzyPesa account and in whose name the EzyPesa Account is maintained by EzyPesa.

      • “EzyPesa Transactions” means any withdrawal from, or deposit effected through, an agent or, as may be, authorized or recorded by a POS device and/or any purchase of goods and/or any services or facilities or benefits obtained by use of the EzyPesa and the PIN.

      • “Cash Withdrawal” means any cash obtained by means of an EzyPesa Transaction.

      • “Charges” means all amounts charged to a EzyPesa account by the holder at any time, including but not limited to the period after cancellation of the EzyPesa account, and regardless of whether a record of charges and including his/her cash withdrawal fees, and all other items included within Fees and Tariffs as defined herein.

      • “Fees and Tariffs” shall be the fees chargeable to EzyPesa Accounts in accordance with EzyPesa’s published schedule of fees and Tariffs for the EzyPesa services as a current and applicable from time to time.

      • “POS Machine” means a machine supplied by Zantel and used by an agent at point of service through which EzyPesa Transactions may be authorized, recorded and acquired.

      • “PIN” means the Personal Identification Number issued by EzyPesa to the Account holder(s) for the validation of the use of the EzyPesa Transactions.

      • “Zantel” means Zanzibar Telecom Public Limited Company(Zantel PLC), a company incorporated in Tanzania, which facilitates the communication and settlement of EzyPesa Transactions between Agent and EzyPesa Account of the holder at EzyPesa.

      • Application for an EzyPesa service accomplished by the applicant

      • *Completing and signing an Application Form and submitting it to the Agent
      • *Providing such further information relating to the applicant shall be required by the application form or as the Agent may require, having regard to its obligation at law and to the regulations and requirements of such supervisory authorities or institutions, to which it may be subject in any relevant jurisdiction.
      • Upon the Agent accepting the application, s/he will issue the EzyPesa Account to the Applicant.

      • By signing the application form the Account holder warrants the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the Application Form. The EzyPesa PIN/Password will be issued immediately after the registering of the account through SMS. The account holder is advised to change the password to a meaningful one.

      • The EzyPesa PIN/Password will be issued immediately after the registering of the account through SMS. The account holder is advised to change the password to a meaningful one.

      • The account holder may obtain cash in such amount within the EzyPesa balance by using the EzyPesa service at any Agent displaying the EzyPesa logo, or which has a POS machine showing such logo.

      • Cash Withdrawal fees on each Cash Withdrawal shall be charged in advance or debited to the EzyPesa Account at the rate applicable in EzyPesa’s current schedule of fees and Tariffs.

      • The EzyPesa service shall be used within the EzyPesa Balance as they may exist from time to time during the validity period of the EzyPesa account.

      • The account holder shall be fully liable to EzyPesa Transactions whether authenticated by the PIN or otherwise and whether with or without the knowledge of the account holder. The account holder hereby authorizes the Agent to debit the EzyPesa Account with the amount of any EzyPesa Transaction in accordance with the record thereof. Such record of transactions shall be conclusive and fully binding on the account holder.

      • EzyPesa shall have the right at any time, without prior notice giving any reason and without liability towards the account holder, whether the EzyPesa Balance has been exhausted of not, to withdraw and restrict the right to use EzyPesa or to refuse to authorize any account Transaction.