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    The following rates are standard tariffs, also known as “pay as you go” rates. They apply if you have not subscribed to a package.

    • Local SMS: TZS 21
    • International SMS: TZS 155.73
    • Internet: 30.0 TZS/MB

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    Call Rates

    Call Category Voice (PER MINUTE) sms MB
    zantel to zantel 30 3.75 3.33
    zantel to all networks 30 3.75 3.33
    Call Category Voice (PER MINUTE) sms MB
    sms 8 1.00 0.89
    Call Category Voice (PER MINUTE) sms MB
    Data 9 1.13 1

    * The Prices are exclusive of VAT.

    Zone countries PRICE TZS/SEC
    1 USA, India, China, Canada 6
    2 Kenya, UAE, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, UK Mobile, UK fixed, Spain, France, Italy, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Germany 12
    3 DRC, Yemen, Oman, Lebanon, Israel, Sudan 16
    4 ZimbabweMobile, Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Mayotte, South Sudan 18
    5 Rest Of The World 14
    6 Cuba, Vanuatu, Tunisia, Tonga-Mobile, Tokelau, Switzerland, Somalia, Seychelles, Nauru, Samoa, Madagascar, Slovenia, Comoro 36
    Special Thuraya Satelite, Tajikistan - Special Services, Suriname-Mobile Digicel, Norfolk Island-Mobile, Ascension-Special Services 217