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    Subscribe to religious content and be able to receive Religious content like Dua, Qaswida, Mawaidha, Hadith, Islam teachings and much more Religious content. To subcribe to this service DIAL 15586 or send the word SUB to 15586.

    Zantel Islamic Content is the first service ever to be launched by a mobile phone network in Tanzania in teaching religion and linking people to learn religion across the country. The service provides an opportunity to all Muslims to be linked through a specific service code across Zantel Network, thus allowing millions of mobile subscribers/users to access Islamic teachings on a daily basis.A Zantel network user interested in using the service will be required to dial or send a message to number 15586 and then follow instructions given in order to be connected and enjoy the service.

    terms and conditions

      These terms and conditions relate with Zantel Religious Content. By using or subscribing to the Zantel Religious Content the Customer agrees that s/he has read, understands and is bound by the following terms and conditions and the terms and conditions available on the Zantel Website referring generally to all services offered by Zantel.


      • Prepaid customer can purchase Religious service via IVR with the code 15586 or by sending a word SUB to the same code 15586.
      • Customer will receive Religious content like Dua, Qaswida, Mawaidha, Hadith, Islam teachings and much more.
      • Once a Prepaid customer has purchased the Religious Service there are no reversals. At no time can the Religious Service be converted to airtime credit.
      • Customer can opt out at any given time by send a word UNSUB/ONDOA to 15586. Customer will be charged Tsh250 per week the deduction will be from the main account.
      • If a customer opts out from the service before validity elapses the befits will be forfeit
      • Prepaid customers migrating to different Prepaid tariff plans will carry over their Religious Service benefits.
      • Prepaid customers converting/Postpaid again the benefits will be forfeit and need to subscribe to the service again.