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  • Starting using EzyPesa


    To use Ezypesa services you need to register at your nearest Ezypesa Wakala or Zantel shop. You need:

    • A Zantel SIM card
    • A mobile telephone

    Visit your nearest EzyPesa agent or Zantel Customer Care Office with one of the below documents:

    • National ID.
    • Voter's Registration Card
    • Employment ID
    • Social Security ID
    • Letter from ward/village executive

    EzyPesa Terms and Conditions

    You will be required to fill a customer registration form at the point of registration. Remember to read the Terms & Conditions. Dial *150*02# and select service to use. After registration, you will need to change the password before any transaction.

    Ezypesa subscriber Responsibilities

    • Have a valid and duly registered SIM card, issued under the provisions of regulations on KYC and other laws and regulations as amended from time to time related to SIM-CARD registration in the United Republic of Tanzania.
    • Notify Zantel immediately upon theft or loss of SIM Card.
    • Promptly report to Zantel any suspicion of money laundering activities.
    • Promptly report to Zantel on the discovery of any theft, fraud, loss, unauthorized usage or any other occurrence of unlawful activities in respect to your EzyPesa account.
    • Be responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the EzyPesa password.

    Zantel Responsibilities

    • Zantel will immediately block a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed SIM Card restricting access to EzyPesa account on receipt of notification from the Customer.
    • Without notice or consent from the customer, Zantel shall immediately block any EzyPesa Account when the customer/user enters a wrong password or wrong information for more than three times while accessing EzyPesa account.
    • Any blocked EzyPesa account will be un-blocked after 48 hours.
    • Zantel shall not be liable for any loss that is occasioned by an unauthorized sharing of the password.
    • Zantel will immediately report to the responsible authority any suspicious activities relating to money laundering.