terms and conditions

    • *Service Order is made pursuant to the Master Services Agreement between ZANTEL and CUSTOMER. . Where the Parties have not entered into a Master Services Agreement, Servicewill be governed by Service Order form which is signed by both parties.
    • *Customer is expected to make full payment for services offered until the termination date
    • *All charges will be payable as stipulated in the parent SOF signed between CUSTOMER and ZANTEL
    • *All obligations incurred by the customer on or before the activation date shall remain valid until such obligations are fully met
    • *Prices are exclusive of VAT and any applicable taxes, client is responsible to add VAT.
    • *In the event of termination of the Master Service Agreement for reasons not caused by Zantel the customer shall not be entitled to claim for refund. In whole or inpart of the initial capacity payment or another capacity payment made in advance
    • *Offer is based on the customer signing Agreement, unless either party decides to terminate shall be directed by termination term on the contract.
    • *Payment is due and payable monthly in advance.